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candles and spare parts

Here you can find spare parts and supplies for candle arches and pyramids. The electrical lights and wax candles are suitable for candle arches as well as for Christmas pyramids.

To find out what kind of volt you need:
1. Please check the thread on your damaged light, it should have volt and watt on it.
2. Then calculate: 230V devided by amount of lights you have on your candle arch or pyramid
a candle arch with 7 lights: 230/7 = ca. 34V
a Christmas fairy light with 16 lights: 230/16 = ca. 14V
a Christmas pyramid with 10 lights: 230/10 = 23V

electrical lights

suitable for Christmas pyramids and candle arches, also for Christmas fairy lights
Please check the voltage and watt


pyramid candles

Beside the wax candles for pyramids in different sizes you also find here tealights for pyramids.


spare parts for Christmas pyramids

here you can find almost everything what can break on a pyramid, like fan wheel, candle holder, motor, bearing shell and much more.


candle arch supplies

With a windowsill or a saucer you can bring your candle arch in the right place of your window. You also find here stars or lanterns to plug-on your electrical lights of the candle arch. 


more spare parts

like fairy lights or incense cones metal sheets


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