namable angel figures of the Erzgebirge: like Ellmann angels, KWO-angels, also Ulbricht-angels

angel with cup and cake

baking and culinary angels

Angels of the manufacturer  Christian Ulbricht and  Richard Glaesser from Seiffen you will find here.


letters and numbers with angels

You can assemble every name or number with these angels of the manufacturer KWO. It is a special present for a special occasion.

flaxen hair angel with christmas packages

flaxen hair angels

  Here you will find the well-known Flachshaarengel from the Werkstätten Flade company in Olbernhau


music angels, coloured

The coloured music angels of the manufacturer Ellmann are available with or without crown. But we do also have making music angels of other manufacturers.


music angels, natural

The natural coloured angels are the counterpart to the coloured one´s.


sitting music angels, coloured

The coloured angels are sitting on a stool. Manufacturer is Ellmann or Ulbricht. Angels are available with or without crown.


sitting music angels, natural

The natural coloured music angels sit also on a stool like the coloured one´s.


Saint Peter

Saint Peter figures of the manufacturer Ellmann  in Olbernhau in different styles.


guardian angels

We always tell the kids, don´t touch the little valuable angels. But these guardian angels of the manufacturer Sina Spielzeug GmbH are especially for little hands. While shaking the angel you can hear a little bell. It is a nice present for e.g birth or birthday.


Christmas angels

Different Christmas angels of the Erzgebirge, e.g with presents, with stars or on ski.
For decoration or as a special gift, just have a look.


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