electrical candle arches from the Erzgebirge

Candle arches with an electrical lighting are a very popular decoration during Christmas.
Our assortment includes articles from all namable manufacturers like TAULIN, Richard Gläser, Seidel, Zeidler and Klaus Kolbe.

3D candle arches

the arches are made double, the lighting between makes it look like 3D.

outside candle arches

made from not corroding, powder coating aluminium. Therefore they are very weatherproof.
Including electrical lighting and ground anchor.


modern LED candle arches

enjoy growing popularity and offer the advantage that you can easily replace the candles depending on the model.


triangle candle arches

the large triangles are especially for big windows. Manufacturer is  Kunstgewerbe TAULIN from Oberwiesenthal.

Gothic candle arches

These candle arches have the shape of a Gothic window or gate.

candle arches by Kolbe

The former miner Klaus Kolbe developed his own kind of candle arches. They are very special. Just have a look and you will be amazed by these wonderful candle arches.

arch of lights

candle arches with glass background and LED lighting


metal candle arches

Electrical, made from metal, candle arches for inside use. Metal candle arches for wax candles or tealights you can find in the category candle arches!


candle arches

The whole range of candle arches: with glass, with LED-lighting, with pyramids or just the usual one´s. Here you have a hugh assortment.


candle arches coloured

wonderful and colourful painted candle arches with classic motifs, but also with forest and toy  motifs.

LED candle arches without placements

The LED lighting makes the figures on this unequipped LED candle arch a real eye-catcher.


candle arches without placements

Here you can find candle arches without placements. You can decorate them with your own figures. But we offer also candle arches for the mini imps of Ulbricht, Bjoern Koehler figures or the Romy Thiel figures.


pointed arches

different kind of pointed arches


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