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Christmas pyramids from the Erzgebirge

Especially the large pyramids with a height of 39,37 inches and more are elaborately manufactured Christmas items of the Erzgebirge. We are one of a chosen few stores, which will send the pyramids to our customers. The shippping will not be with DHL or UPS, because the expensive good can brake. Therefore we send them directly to you with a special forwarding agency. You will recognize the truck, it has the label “Bienenmühle”. to our sop of Christmas pyramid.

candle arches from the Erzgebirge

Also the large candle arches will be sent. Our outside candle arches are made from non corroding aluminium, therefore they are extra light ( 7kg, size: width 59,06 inches, height 29,53 inches) and long-lasting. Candle arches for inside use are mostly made from wood. Favourite motifs are mining, e.g. candle arches by Kolbe.


incense smokers from the Erzgebirge

In the last years incense smokers getting bigger and thicker and are more and more costly manufactured. A trend that is caused by the distribution of easy made incense figures as mee-too products from Asia. Popular collecting items are “Die Dicken” (the thicknesses), “Die Bärtigen” (beared men) of manufacturer KWO, the spheric incense smokers from manufacturer Seiffner Volkskunst, but also the cuddly incense smokers by Kleinkunst Müller Seiffen. Companies mostly order incense smokers as a Christmas gift for employees or for special clients. We have the whole assortment of professions like electrician, bus driver, trucker, painter, lawyer, bricklayer or computer freak. We also offer goods with the imprint of your company sign or special painting in the colours of your company. Just ask for it!


incense cones from the Erzgebirge

To get the incense smokers to reek, you need incense cones. We have almost all articles of the three incense cone manufacturers of the Erzgebirge, CROTTENDORFER, HUSS from Neudorf and KNOX from Mohorn-Grund.

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