incense smoker, gardener

incense smoker, gardener

product no.: SVO12670
- height: app 7.09 inches
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price: 74,65 €
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little podge men - beekeeper
FDN little podge men - beekeeper
ArtikelNr.: FDN042

The little beekeeper is about 12 cm tall and the ideal gift for the hobby beekeeper

Only for mini incense cones. You can get these in our online shop.

- Size: approx. 4.7 inch

16,50 €
incense smoke, beekeeper
RGL incense smoke, beekeeper
ArtikelNr.: RGL85102

The beekeeper is on his way to the bees. He is holding a new beehive in his hands.

Matching incense cones with spring and summer scents can be ordered in our online shop.

  • height: app 7.09 inches

33,00 €
incense smoker, sleepyhead - fisherman
CUL incense smoker, sleepyhead - fisherman
ArtikelNr.: CUL35408

The incense smoker belongs to the series "sleepyhead" from the manufacturer Christian Ulbricht. One feature is the closed eyes.

The fisherman comes back from his excursion. He is so tired that he has closed his eyes. The bucket is full and a bottle of beer is sticking out of his jacket pocket.

In our online shop you will find suitable incense cones with different scents.

  • height: app 7.87 inches
  • width: app 4.72 inches
  • depth: app 8.07 inches

62,90 €
nutcracker mushroom picker
KWO nutcracker mushroom picker
ArtikelNr.: KWO19362

The nutcracker is looking for mushrooms in the forest. There is already one in the basket and you can see further on the floor next to his foot. He holds a fly agaric in his hand.

  • height: app 10.63 inches
  • width: app 4.33 inches

95,20 €
nutcracker duck hunter
KWO nutcracker duck hunter
ArtikelNr.: KWO19361

The nutcracker was duck hunting. He holds the catch of the day in his hand.

  • height: app 10.24 inches
  • width: app 3.94 inches

109,40 €
incense smoker, roulette round - The Thicknesses Men
KWO incense smoker, roulette round - The Thicknesses Men
ArtikelNr.: KWO21448

This incense smoker belongs to the "The Thicknesses Men" series by the manufacturer KWO.

Three friends have arranged to have a fun game night. This time they are playing roulette. While one is happy about his win, the croupier clears the loser's chips from the field.

You can find in our online shop incense cones in different scent.

  • height: app 7.48 inches
  • width: app 10.63 inches
  • depth: app 10.63 inches

281,80 €
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