incense smoker, gardener, medium

incense smoker, gardener, medium

product no.: KKM16168
height: app. 7.09 inches
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price: 72,00 €
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incense smoker, gardener
DWU incense smoker, gardener
ArtikelNr.: DWU12714

This incense smoker figure is about 8.66 inches high. When you place an incense cone inside the figure, smoke comes out the mouth.

In our onlineshop you can order suitable incense cones with different fragrance.

53,00 €
incense figure Pilzhäusel forest series with imp gardener
DWU incense figure Pilzhäusel forest series with imp gardener
ArtikelNr.: DWU20424F

When the weather is nice, the imp can be found in the garden. There he takes care of the flowers and vegetables. Today he took out the spade because he wanted to plant something new.

You can find suitable mini incense cones in our online shop, too.

  • height: app 6.10 inches
  • width: app 6.10 inches
  • depth: app 4.33 inches
  • Only suitable for mini incense cones

58,60 €
incense smoker, gardener
SVO incense smoker, gardener
ArtikelNr.: SVO12670
- height: app 7.09 inches
74,65 €
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