wooden miniatures - folk art from the Erzgebirge


Here you will find many bears with all kind of activities. e.g. a hiking bear, a school boy or a teddy mom with her baby bear. Just have a look, we are sure you will find something...


Bavarian musicians

Here you will find, from the manufacturer Ellmann, making music figures in Bavarian costumes.
e.g. a musician with alphorn or zither


flower children, coloured

colourful flower children from the manufacturer Ellmann, Volkskunst Hubrig, KWO or Reichelt. A bridal couple or little figures in a handcart are also in this category.


flower children, natural

wonderful, natural coloured flower children


year-round wooden figures

Here you find many different figures, like owls, beetles, a child starting school, or the popular figures of Romy Thiel, Volkskunst Hubrig and of manufacturer Flade.


nurse and doctor

Whether a nurse with a syringe or with pills, we have a big assortment in this category.


shepherd with sheep

A sheep farming of the manufacturer Dregeno from Seiffen we have in this category.


Wobblers are popular collector´s items or just a nice present. So we have here e.g. a clown, a Bavarian, a shepherd or a devil.


Wilhelm Busch / Grimm Brothers figures 

Everybody knows the stories by Wilhelm Busch or of the Grimm Brothers. Just have a look here, and we are sure you will find some well known figures.

country idyll - apple picking

Landidyll - Figures

Here you can find figures from the peasant life of different manufacturers

ladybird with sousaphone

musician beetles

Verschiedene Käfer mit Musikinstrumenten des Herstellers Hubrig Volkskunst GmbH

mother with little girl

Werkstaetten Flade-Figures

Here you will find the flaxen hair figures of the manufacturer Werkstaetten Flade




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